So it has been awhile since i last blogged. There have been good days and bad days. Days when i thought i was going to throw in the towel and quit. Thank you everyone that was by my side saying that i can’t do that and that i just need to keep the faith that everything will work out. I also need to say thank you for the constant reminder that i am amazing and beautiful some days it is hard for me to remember. 🙂

It has been the support of those who believe in me that have kept me going. I am working on getting back to the happy positive perspective. As many of you already know about me i am determined and I am a fighter so I will come out of this adventure a much stronger confident woman.

Here is what i know we were all designed for our own unique role in this life. Noone can ever replace us. Noone can bring all the uniqueness and quirkiness that is you.You are the only for your role in the story. Let me say that again only you can be you!!!!!!! Vegas is a town of a bunch of different characters. That doesnt mean that you are any less special. We are all special. We just need to stop believing the lies that we think we hear and remember the truth…

Against all odds I feel like everything is coming together for my dream job. I will talk about this more when i have everything confirmed. Thank you everyone who has been supportive about my photography. The more that i do it.The more that i love it.

It has been five months since I advised that  this is a journey of self discovery and happiness.

Self Discovery #1

I am a good person even when i have been wronged . I don’t plot revenge and get back at people. I believe in karma so I don’t need to do anything. I care about people genuinely.

Self Discovery #2

I am talented.  I can write. I can take pictures. I can sing. I just need to keep positive and keep believing.


Self Discovery #3

I am a good friend. I am an encourager. I believe that anyone can achieve whatever it is that is their hearts desire.


Self Discovery #4

I am wanted. I allowed all of the past rejections  to make me think that i wasn’t.

The thing that i am working on in my journey to happiness is being positive.I just have to remember that i am worthy. I am worth way more than what I have accepted in my life. I am worthy of friendship, love and respect.

Everything in this life is going to go like it is supposed to. No matter how many twist, turns and detours that we take. The road will lead us to exactly where we are supposed to go and be with the people that are supposed to be there. I know that sometimes that  is the hardest thing to accept that someone was only there for a moment. Believe that everything is going to be so much better down the road on the right path. Don’t take anyone that is a part of your story for granted but know that it is for the best if they have to move on. Don’t leave things unsaid life is too short to wonder what if.2015-12-07 17.38.512015-12-09 17.41.53


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