Be you! Make new friends.

Hey there everyone. Those of you who know me best know that I have a hard time getting out of my bubble and meeting new people. Yesterday was a great turning point for me. I went out and met a great person who has amazing stories to tell. The best part is I know that he is genuine I them. The other one is even though it was only an hour I went to play pool with someone that I knew from the bar. It used to be that I didn’t see many people out of the bar because it seemed like that relationship was only because they wanted one thing. It felt good to get to know new people and not feel like I had to hide who I am. I used to care entirely too much what other people thought and what they wanted from me. There have been people that I genuinely feel like they want to get to know me. Before I used to question every motive. There might be one but the motive that I see right now is that people want to get to know me. I have to be courageous and allow it even with all the hurts that I have had before. You have to take those hurts as lessons learned. If you don’t allow yourself to be vulnerable you will never know what can come.
Yes there are still some people who will use that and take it for granted up take that as a lesson learned. If I want to enrich my life and find relationships worth having I have to open myself up.
Don’t cage yourself. Give yourself room to spread those wings and fly. if people think that they know by past mistakes don’t change there perspective by your words prove it by action they will see that you are telling the truth. I’m not saying it doesn’t hurt for them not to believe you it does but smile and just say to yourself I will show you. DON’T BELIEVE ME JUST WATCH.
So today look for an opportunity to meet someone new. You never know how your story can transform their life. You never know how theirs can change yours. if you want the circle and cycle to stop you have to change the circle you are in.
You are worth it. Open up. I used to be super shy and yes I can still be quiet when we will first meet but I am going to up myself up because I know some are worth it and I know I am!


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