live a life of gratitude

Hey everyone. When I started this day I had a different direction that I wanted to do this blog. Be happy with who you are. To be honest I am kinda numb by the events of today. I never expected to have my journey come to a pausing point like it did.

Having someone tell me that they think that it is best that I just stay in Klamath took me by surprise. I had been wondering how it was all going to work out when I got back from the weekend last  week. Everything felt distant and disconnected but I knew that I just wanted to keep going.

I felt myself come to a point where I thought that there could be a tension issue arising and man did it ever. I found myself constantly aggravated by the negativity that was around me and I was slipping into it at times. I wont deny my part this week I was just always tired and snappy. I am a girl so it could be just PMS. I know that it wasn’t fair on my end but neither is being treated badly when he was stressed out. This end came at the best time although I still find myself torn by it all.

Thankfully I have a friend that needed a house sitter/ cat sitter for the next month so I have time to evaluate what exactly the next step is. More than anything I don’t want to go back to a job I hate. There were good and bad times but I have learned that life is entirely too short to be miserable so I will keep you all posted on the job front.

I have also learned that being back here means that I have to put everything that I have learned and have been through to use. I have to continue to purposefully chose to be happy. I have to choose to be positive.


So even though today didn’t go as I had expected it is all going to be just fine and so I will I.

I am strong! I am a warrior! I matter! I have a lot to offer this world from the 5 months that I have been gone from Klamath. Now I know that I am only a month into the year that I had previously mentioned and going to continue on this journey. The location of the growth doesn’t mean that we don’t grow and learn so I will keep saying yes and listen to wisdom of people around me.

I still believer that I am going to accomplish my dreams and I will be become a photographer and help people along the way.



2 thoughts on “live a life of gratitude

  1. Love you girl!!! Don’t ever let anyone or anything dull your shine and remember you are a person just like the rest of us and you will have your good and bad days!! Part of being human!!!


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