Left Las Vegas

Hey there everyone. Newest news! I left Las Vegas. I am in an 18 wheeler. I went to Phoenix Arizona and also went to Los Alamitos California. I spent the last few days in Portland Oregon. I love Oregon but I about had a heart attack when we crossed that state line. So what am I learning? I am learning that I need to roll with the punches and take things as they go. I also learned that I  need to remember the things that I see and hear and stay inspired.

I am a warrior! I will make it through all of this. This is just a stepping stone to whatever is next. Crazy to think that I am 33 and am looking at a brand new start . I am ok with that though surprisingly. This is what my motto for life now. I want to live life to the fullest. Have fun at all costs. I want to take risks and see the world.


I am a warrior!!!!! I am strong enough to make it through all of this…Remember to be inspired and stay inspired…




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