Do you want a big list of I cant’s?

Hey there everyone! I hope that you had a great weekend and Monday. I did. I am learning more and more everyday. Today I want to talk about not giving up. In my own life if I wasn’t good at something that I did the first time I wouldn’t try again and walked around with the belief that I couldn’t do them. I will give you two examples of things that may seem like little things to you but they have helped me learn that I just need to try again and just be patient.

OK like I said probably little to you—

I just learned to curl my hair in the last year. For some reason my mind couldn’t or wouldn’t wrap around how to do it. So one day I just sat down in front of a mirror this time being patient with myself I curled my hair.

The other thing that I thought that I couldn’t do was my own nails. I am now able to put on acrylics and paint them. I would like to say that it isn’t the best job but I am slowly learning that everything that I do doesn’t have to be perfect. Don’t get me wrong I still strive to do the best that I can but I know that some of the I can’ts come with practice. Those may seem like little things to you but for me they felt as though I had accomplished something huge because I had the belief for so long that I couldn’t do it.


Throughout this life we are going to have many opportunities to try new  things. I challenge you to try them. Have an adventurous spirit. Extend some grace to yourself if it “isn’t as easy as it looks”


I am going to try the things again that I have the belief that I can’t do and turn them into I can’s. Attitude is everything! Stay Positive.

I  challenge you all to work on at least 2 things this week that you thought that you couldn’t do. Remember just because something may be hard for you doesn’t mean that you cant  do it.

Write down what you think you can’t do. Keep a list of the things that you accomplish. You will turn your list into I cans.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to look back on my life and if someone asks me hey can you help me with something I don’t want to be forced to say no I can’t do that. I would rather be  able to say instead I can but it may n0t be perfect.


This is more than a pride thing I want to live positive and know that I can do things even if they don’t come easy to me….





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