“what if?”

Hey there everyone. I hope that you are all doing well. Today I want to talk about my journey and the places that have been uncomfortable. I am not going to go into all the specifics but I will say ” what if you can everything you ever wanted but you have to be completely out of your element in order to grow and change. There have been so many times when I just wanted to run cry scream. I know that if i had gone back during those times that I would have been absolutely and would have hated myself even more for giving up.

More than once I have been in a situation and look back on it and think to myself  yeah If that wouldn’t have happened i wouldn’t have grown. I have always struggled looking in the mirror so when someone suggests that I should wear a certain style I look at them like they are crazy. Now I have grown to where I will do just that. Wear the clothes that fit 🙂 They look good. It all about attitude and perspective. I dont know if you feel this way but I feel that we need to stop letting those negative thoughts drive our future. There is so much in store for each and everyone of us on this journey that is our life.

From my experience so far I left a comfortable life to a life that has been hard and very unnerving at times. I know that for me alone I am going to have to face everything head on. Every negative thought that I had let lead my life to this point are being turned into a positive. I’m sorry that it is taking such drastic measures in order for me to change and grow. I look to the future hopeful knowing that I just have to face everything one day, one hour, one minute at a time and know that there is something so great in store.

So today was a little rough. Got bogged down with some negative thoughts but I know that tomorrow is another day and everything is looking up from here. I will keep you posted on everything as things get confirmed and as doors get opened.

I want to leave you with two thoughts:

1. “What if you can everything you everything you ever wanted but you have to take the first step knowing that you are about to be brought through a time of immense  change and discomfort?”

2. Sometimes it is ok to be selfish. You have to get out there and dig deep to find what you truly want and need in this life to be happy. While focusing on that don’t ever forget to stay true to who you are!

Please share my page and if you have any comments please leave them I would love to know who is reading and if anything that I have said is making sense.


Take care everyone talk to you all soon.


One thought on ““what if?”

  1. I think you are an amazing woman!! I think you are smart and beautiful and I’m so happy that you are FINALLY concentrating on you!!! I’m not happy about any sadness and pain but I do understand!!!! I understand each and every word you have written and you are going to flourish into happiness and thrive of you keep this wonderful attitude towards life and most importantly YOURSELF!!


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