And so the journey begins…..

Hello everyone! I know that I left Klamath back in March but it feels like I’m just now starting this journey that i have been on. What happened you may be asking? I kept hearing a friend say you need to empower yourself. After i had reflected on that I came across a website that asked specific questions like what do i want? Why?How do I plan on achieving it? What characteristics within myself do I plan on utilizing to reach my goals? Who am I going to share it with? Last but most important is a clear when do I want to see all of this happen by?
Here is what I came up with. I was 32 when I started on this road first thing I had to do was stop being self sacrificing and do something for myself. I had to be selfish. The other thing was stop being so quiet all the time and let my voice be heard.
What do I want now more confidence. Confidence to know that even though I may fail I need to try new things. I want to be a photographer, travel the world, change the world. I also want to be comfortable in my own skin. I will leave that statement alone for right now. The traits I will use are my determination and faith that all of the things I want WILL happen.
So hear we start i share this with everyone. Timeline one year and I will tell you all about my progress everyday.


2 thoughts on “And so the journey begins…..

  1. I’m glad you found happiness and self confidence or at least you are no longer letting fear and self doubt control your decisions and every movement!

    I hope you continue on your epic journey and hope you that one day you look back on the movie that is your life and see my role in it as a blessing!

    I hope you view the day you met me, and all of our “crazy and awesome” adventurs down the coast to San Fransisco and then to Lake Tahoe to Reno and of course Las Vegasas ultimately cherished


  2. BTW: I’m leaving Las Vegas later this afternoon! I’m buying a motorcylce in a couple hours and im gonna blast to the grand canyon, then to Fosters Falls AZ where there is a 60 ft cliff dive that I have to hit!

    Anyway, thank you for everything Tiffany!

    I wish you the very best this life has to offer!

    And Tell Nakia that she will always hold a very special piece of my heart! C’est La Vi

    ;). Dont Believe Me Just Watch!!!


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